Hi, I'm Mystral Echavarria,

founder of ✨Embodied Magnetism✨

I'm a Somatic Energy Healer, Embodiment & Magnetism Coach, Hypnotist, and Massage Therapist

with over 17 years of experience helping soulful perfectionists to harness their intuition, and overcome indecision, by balancing science and pragmatism with spirituality - I like to call it practical “woo”.

I live and work mainly in the bubbling metropolis of NYC. However, I happily work virtually with my amazing & inspiring clients from all over the world!

I love working with creatively curious humans to explore a deeper embodied connection to their own inner wisdom so they can move with radiance in their bodies, in their lives and towards creating the joyful, creative & pleasurable existence they always dreamed of!

I am a godmother, earth-mother, dog mother, and Libra on a mission to ensure everyone knows they deserve joy, respect & pleasure, right from the start.

You never have to prove yourself to or earn that birthright from anyone - not ever!

My goal is to ensure all humans have the emotional, energetic & mindset tools they need to achieve their goals in such a way that is deeply graceful and nourishing as they ascend and uplevel through their life!

My experience and knowledge are informed by my training not only as a birth worker, doula, and hypnotist, but also as an EMT, physical therapist, reiki practitioner, shamanic healer and expert massage therapist with specialties in Neuromuscular Therapy, Prenatal, Postpartum & TMJ Massage, not to mention being a Master NLP & Time Line Therapy Practitioner. 🤓

I know, such a nerd or Anatomy Geek as some of us like to call ourselves in the Bodywork world!

In case you couldn't tell, I am an extremely curious, dedicated, and life-long learner.

I am also a passionate advocate for women’s health, safety, sovereignty and joy,

because I know what it means to experience trauma, anxiety, and deeply overwhelming depression.

After a long and intense period of time staying way down at rock bottom,

I was able to reignite my own life

with magical whimsy, ecstatic pleasure, and inspired growth to begin rebuilding the life and business I'd always dreamed of but until then, never thought she’d be good enough to deserve, let alone create.

My whole life, I've immersed myself in studying & doing my best to embody what I've learned about the whole mind-body-soul experience, via every modality and perspective I could get my hands on. I've lived all over, from California to New York and from Costa Rica to Colombia. And from each location and culture, I've continued to learn from inspiring teachers, masters, and mentors. And in doing so, I've put in hundreds of hours to master the healing arts that best serve me in my life, so that I can best serve others who are so done, and ready to level up and step into that next chapter - that next shift, too!

I have taken all that I have learned, not only for my own healing, but also to create & provide a safe haven & sacred healing space for you to connect with yourself, your body, your inner wisdom so that you can take this precious time to really tap into embodying your truest, most authentic, radiant self so you stop getting stuck & bogged down in perfection, and instead begin to enjoy the experience of decisively creating a life of joyful & pleasurable intention filled with the optimized excellence you're constantly striving for.

When you fully accept, acknowledge and embody who you really are, that is when you finally become a beacon that calls in and attracts like a magnet the people, situations, and opportunities that will make you feel full of joy respect and pleasure, at last!

And that, if you were wondering, is what✨Embodied MButtonagnetism(TM)✨ is all about!

I am proud to provide a safe haven for you to connect with yourself, your body, and your intuition.

I invite you to find peace and inspiration in this sacred healing space, to take time for yourself and discover what brings you more presence, joy, respect & pleasure.

To see how we might work together, book a free Clarity Call with me today!

I truly can't wait to connect & explore with you!

With warmth & gratitude,


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